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Braine-le-Comte  :

a city with a rich past but not only...




Through centuries, the landscape remained unchanged.

The two brooks " the Brainette and the Sennette", both streams flow

in the same valley at the foot of the sandy hill "La Houssière"

(160m high).

The territory of Braine-le-Comte has survived many civilizations.

We still find many traces of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

 in today's modern landscapes.

Braine-Le-Comte was primarily an agricultural area with numerous artisans, but over the time it focused on industrialization.






Little traces persist of the industrial age. Due to its location between Mons (Mons), Bruxelles and Charleroi,

Braine-le-Comte has mainly become a sdormitory town. Although the city preserves its reputation as being "a true rural area ". Braine-le-Comte lives with its times.

The city and its surrounding villages radiate with dynamism: numerous cultural events (concerts, festivals, spectacles, exhibitions ...), but also sports activities (cycling tourism, rallies, ...).

You can also enjoy nature discovery throughout the year.

Yes, the city is dynamic and worth being explored.


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